Tax matters

Drafting company tax returns

VAT, corporate income tax, wealth tax, tax credit on investments, etc., as well as assistance during tax audits if required.

Other declarations

Intrastat declarations, intra-Community summaries. Personal tax returns.



Accounting for sole traders and companies (e.g. monthly, quarterly or annual statements)

Annual statements

Drafting annual statements, presentation and publication of accounts

Analytical accounting

Costs and Analytical accounting

Management of the Corporate Secretariat

Issuing pay slips
Administrative management of technical lay-offs
Management of administrative processes

(with bodies such as tax authorities, CCSS, SNST, ADEM, etc.)

Payslips bookkeeping

Other tasks

Corporate support

Support for the creation, management or restructuring of sole proprietorships and larger companies.

Various administrative procedures

… such as the application for business authorisations, registrations at the various administrations, requests for grants or subsidies from the General Directorate for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, etc.

Various office and secretarial tasks

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Our fees vary according to the services requested. We can take care of all our clients’ accounting tasks or only some of them. We believe in tailored solutions, not in standard packages.