Luxconcept sàrl is an accounting fiduciary firm incorporated under Luxembourgish law. It specialises in accounting, taxation and corporate matters, serving businesses across the Luxembourgish economy, including SMEs, SMIs, licensed professionals, freelancers and NGOs.

Our promise: To satisfy our clients by providing them with solutions that are the most suited to their needs.

As a professional accounting fiduciary firm, Luxconcept is a member of ALCOMFI. The staff’s know-how, availability, approachability, experience, kindness and proactiveness differentiates our company from the rest of the market. Luxconcept employs a truly multi-disciplinary team to provide support and services to its clients.

Our team is composed of accounting and taxation experts specialised in Luxembourgish regulations and business. We will act as your partners to perform tasks requiring increasing levels of skill when it comes to creating or managing your business.

By employing the services of an experienced accounting fiduciary firm such as Luxconcept, you will be dealing with a renowned firm in Luxembourg. You can rest assured that your affairs will be managed in an atmosphere of cooperation, while applying strict work ethics and respecting regulations. At the same time, your interests will benefit from the company’s know-how. 

We offer a tailored approach, personal contact with all our clients and tools that are adapted to customers’ true needs. Finally, our approachability differentiates us from the local competition. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us, whatever your field of activity.